Structural Dynamics and Acoustics of Aerospace and Air Transportation Vehicles

29 September 14-18:30 CEST

This webinar deals with structural dynamics and acoustic design of aerospace and air transportation vehicles. The vibroacoustic response of aerospace and air vehicles is a rather complex phenomenon, which is normally studied considering the dynamics and acoustics of sub-components, such as fuselage sections, wings, flaps, and landing gears, etc. Therefore, the webinar will focus specifically on the vibro-acoustics analysis of elementary mechanical components (e.g. lightweight aluminium framework and panel structures, double-wall structures, composite panels and shells, etc.), from a different point of view (theoretical, numerical and experimental). Several topics will be discussed, such as interior noise mitigation, noise transmission control and vibration attenuation. The physics, design and implementation of both passive vibration attenuation and sound insulation treatments/techniques and active semi-active control systems will be discussed in detail.

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