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To renew you subscription:

  1. choose the package (it can be different from the previous one);
  2. go to payment (you can either pay by Bank Transfer or using Paypal or Credit Card);
  3. complete and send the form with your data and the proof of payment.

Important: the AIDAA memebrship will begin the day of the payment until the end of the calendar year (31/12).

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    You can support AIDAA and the association activities with a contribution in addition to your fee (in €):

    Bank Transfer

    Account holder: A.I.D.A.A. – Associazione Italiana di Aeronautica e Astronautica
    IBAN: IT83F0200805164000005064973
    Reason for payment (causale): Your name and surname (renew), registration pack*

    * add in the “Reason for payment” if the book is included or/and the amount of an optional contribution to AIDAA.

    Pay with Paypal or Credit Card

    To complete you renewal to AIDAA and for the invoice fill the following form:

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