Integration of Stealth Characteristics to Combat Aircraft Design

26/27 March 14.30-16.30 CET

Overview and General Information:

Modern combat aircraft design is governed by signature reduction requirements, both in the electromagnetic and infrared spectra. At present it is commonly accepted to sacrifice other aspects of the design, such as aerodynamic and propulsion performance, to achieve low observability. Still, the final mission requirements might require a minimum trade-off according to the airframe mission (air dominance, surveillance, strike). In this webinar, the concept of signature reduction/control applied to combat aircraft will be discussed. Attendees will learn to quantify the performance characteristics attainable from different solutions. The basics of radar and infrared signature requirements (applied to aircraft), and their effect on final airframe shape will be analysed, considering the relative importance in current and future designs. The course will end with a trade-off analysis of some current designs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Definition of survivability.
  • Basic of Radar Cross Section and Infrared signature.
  • Design requirements and major challenges in stealth airframe design.
  • Trade-off considerations.

Target audience

Doctoral and post-graduate students, aerospace and defence industry professionals, and military officers.

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