4th Aerospace PhD-Days

6 - 9 May 2024, Scopello (TP)

The fourth edition of the Aerospace PhD-Days will be held in Scopello (TP), Sicily, from the 6th to the 9th of May 2024.

During the congress, PhD students will have the possibilities to share their activities to the colleagues all over the world and, thus, to create a net of the International young researchers; moreover, it will be possible to have a complete overview of the whole research activities in Aerospace.

The Aerospace PhD-Days are open to any PhD student in Aerospace Science and Engineering or with a PhD topic in the aerospace field. PhD graduated in 2024 are welcomed too. In order to participate, an extended abstract (4 pages) on the PhD topic or part of it must be submitted.

The main topics will be related to aeronautics, space, and aviation.