Weapons bay aerodynamics and acoustic

20 October 2023

Overview and General Information: 

Modern combat aircraft design requirements impose the adoption of weapons bays to reduce radar signature and aerodynamic drag at transonic/supersonic speeds. Nevertheless, upon opening the bay, to release the store, aerodynamics and acoustic issues are generated which may potentially damage the structure of the cavity and the gimbal/sensors of the ordnance. Additionally, the trajectory of the store is strongly coupled to the unsteadiness of the aerodynamic field posing a hazard to a safe separation. Successful designs have been employed in current, low-signature,combat aircraft generation (F22, F117, F35, B2, J20, Su57), though each new design requires detailed studies to optimise the final architecture. In this webinar, the fundamentals of weapons bays aerodynamics and acoustic will be discussed.Attendees will learn to identify the major issues characterizing the topic, and what are the main difficulties during store release procedures. Numerical and experimental approaches for design procedures will be discussed as well.

Learning objectives: 

  • Definition of main design challenges
  • Design approach and common solutions (including palliatives)
  • Fundamentals of store release
  • Examples of numerical and experimental approaches

Target audience

Doctoral students, non-academic professionals.

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