Addressing the Urban Air Mobility Sustainable Development

28 April 2023

The main reference of the webinar will be the Urban Air Mobility and Sustainable Development White Paper published last week (Jan 2023) by ASD Europe, of which I am the main author. In this study, a seminal framework towards transitioning to sustainability-driven business model(s) has been developed for addressing the sustainable development of the emerging UAM.

Learning Objectives:

The webinar will aim to meet two main goals:

  • Raise awareness about both challenges and benefits related to UAM;
  • Investigate the UAM Sustainability Framework proposed by the ASD Urban Air Mobility and Sustainable Development White Paper.

Therefore, embedded in a holistic approach, the webinar will touch aspects such as i) the main spheres of impacts of UAM, ii) their wider desirability by citizens (not just users), and iii) UAM total emissions released based upon an entire life cycle analysis approach.

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