Aerostructural optimization and aeroelasticity of new generation aircraft

26-27 April 2023

This course will concern the following learning objectives:

  • Multidisciplinary optimization considering aerodynamics and structures.
  • Algorithmic Differentiation (AD) to support an efficient evaluation of the sensitivities needed by gradient-base optimization techniques.
  • Effects of flight dynamics and aeroelasticity coupling.
  • Formulation of coupled problems.


  • Introduction: new efficient wings, aerostructural coupling, and optimization
  • Optimization: definitions, classifications, numerical optimization methods (gradient-based optimization)
  • Gradient evaluation: the adjoint method. Algorithmic differentiation.
  • Using AD library on a simple problem: forward vs reverse modes
  • MDO and MDO architectures. Coupled gradient evaluation.
  • Application of high-fidelity Aero-structural optimization with AD
  • Introduction on non-conventional aircraft and coupled flight dynamic and aeroelastic effects.
  • Formulation of the coupled problem, unsteady aerodynamic forces integration.
  • Applications on non-wing&tube aircraft

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