Toward Smart Air Mobility: a Model-Based Design Approach

11/12 July 9-12 CEST

The interest in Urban Air Mobility (UAM) had a steep increase over the last few years. On the one hand, the slow growth rate of ground infrastructures led to critical congestion in urban areas. On the other hand, the increasing demand for moving people and payloads further and faster drove the attention of the research community and stakeholders toward the exploitation of the vertical dimension. With the aim to play a lead role in this new raising market, electrical air platforms with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities are being considered key elements for the next generation of controlled airspace. In such a framework, crucial but challenging steps are represented by the optimization of novel configurations and the design of Guidance, Navigation, and Control systems. In this webinar, the fundamentals of the Model-Based Design (MBD) approach will be discussed and applied to VTOL platforms. Attendees will learn the workflow of MBD and investigate the steps required for performance optimization and motion stabilization of rotary-wing vehicles. Test cases will be also presented.

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