High-speed civil aircraft on-board systems integration

23 May 9-11 CEST; 25 May 9-11 CEST; 25 May 14:30-16:30 CEST; 26 May 14:30-16:30 CEST

High-speed civil aircraft may range from supersonic civil vehicles to hypersonic systems, which can be considered future civil stratospheric passenger or cargo transportations or as the first stage of reusable access to space vehicles. Integration shall be pursued at all levels, systems and subsystems as a key element of success. The webinar will focus on the on-board systems integration of such vehicles. Cryogenic liquid hydrogen is considered a propellant for its potential to extend further the range and its capability to decarbonize the flight. Liquid hydrogen is the core of the multifunctional Thermal and Energy Management System that combines the Fuel System, the Environmental Control System, the Thermal Control and Thermal Protection System, and the Electric Power System. The course will first introduce high-speed vehicles, then the high-speed vehicle on-board systems, highlighting their mutual relationships. Next, main on-board subsystems will be described and sized, and finally, conclusions will be drawn. Students and professionals interested in the high-speed mission and vehicle design can attend the webinar.

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