Economic assessment of future environmentally sustainable high-speed vehicles

21-22 and 28-29 April 2022, 14:00-16:00 CEST

Assessing the economic viability of new high-speed concepts since the early design phases is crucial for the success of future hypersonic vehicles including cruisers as well as reusable access-to-space and re-entry systems. Moreover, matching environmentally sustainable innovations guaranteeing at the same time economic sustainability is becoming a key factor. Besides literature reports few parametric cost models for high-speed vehicles, all of them makes exclusive use of mass as a parameter and none of the models moves beyond the vehicle level, thus preventing estimation of the costs associated with subsystems or technologies. This webinar aims at providing the attendees with a cost estimation model which moves beyond the state-of-the-art methodologies (1) by integrating vehicle design and operational parameters (in addition to the mass) as cost drivers for the prediction of the vehicle life-cycle cost, (2) by introducing prediction margins accounting for the uncertainties on the data-driven correlations, (3) by estimating the impact of environmentally sustainable solutions onto the vehicle life-cycle cost, (4) by providing a first estimate of the costs of every onboard subsystem, including combined cycle engines and multi-functional subsystems, (5) by increasing the granularity of the analysis up to technology level, thus providing valuable support to Technology Road-mapping activities, and, eventually, (6) by providing a ticket price estimation to be then compared with the results of a business case. The webinar contains extensive references to high-speed initiatives currently under development in Europe. The presented case studies have been developed and extensively tested in an international context such as the Horizon 2020 STRATOFLY project (2018-2021), the H2020 MORE&LESS project and other ESA funded activities.

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