Multiscale techniques for nonlinear analysis of composite structures

11/12 April 2022, 14:00-17:00 CEST

This course aims to introduce multiscale techniques within the context of nonlinear analysis of composite structures. Failure initiation and propagation in composites is a complex phenomenon and involves multiple length scales. The accurate computational modelling of these processes, therefore, needs to consider the influence of the microstructure on the development of nonlinearities and the subsequent structural response. These considerations are addressed by means of multiscale analysis, where the microstructure is explicitly modelled, leading to a high-fidelity representation of both the material and the structure. The course will focus on numerical techniques used to analyze the microstructure, and the procedures commonly used to interface and transfer information between different length scales. A detailed overview of implementation issues will also be discussed. Finally, some applications and numerical assessments of multiscale techniques will be presented.

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