10th Design, Modelling and Experiments of Advanced Structures and Systems Conference

1-4 May 2022, Scopello (Sicily), Italy

The topics of the conference are Advanced Structures and Intelligent Systems in its various aspects:

Smart Materials: Piezoelectric, Ferroelectric, Ferroelastic and Magnetostrictive Materials, Shape Memory Alloys and Active Polymers

  • Functionally Graded Materials
  • Multi-Functional Materials and Structures
  • Coupled Multi-Field Problems
  • Design and Modelling of Sensors and Actuators
  • Adaptive Structures

The spirit of the conference is to collect international expertise and to promote intensive and fruitful discussions among the participants. Therefore the participants are strongly encouraged to enjoy the meeting conference.


Abstract Submission deadline: 20th February 2022

Registration deadline: 10th March 2022

The proceedings of the 10th DeMEASS conference are available here.