Global-local analysis techniques for metallic and composite structures

14-17 SEPTEMBER 2021

The course aims to introduce the global-local analysis of metallic and composite structures. Advanced materials, such as composite and smart materials, are commonly used in aerospace applications. These materials can lead to local singularities that require refined models to be investigated. The course will introduce the main approaches used to increase the model fidelity locally. At first, typical global-local problems are presented and discussed. Then, a detailed overview of the main techniques proposed in academia and by commercial codes are presented. Finally, an advanced global-local approach based on variable kinematic models is introduced. Applications and numerical test cases are used to present each approach.

Learning objectives:

  • Use of higher-order models for composites and metallic structures
  • Pro/Cons of the global/local techniques
  • Global/local techniques using commercial software
  • Recent developments in the global/local method

Target audience: doctoral students, non-academic professionals, and undergraduate students.

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