The official A.I.D.A.A. publication is Aerotecnica Missili e Spazio magazine, free sent to our members and it is made over only by subscription to the non-members.

To subscribe is opportune to address to the association office: info@aidaa.it

The Journal web site is www.aerotecnica.eu

Aerotecnica Missili e Spazio is the journal of the Italian Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIDAA, founded in 1920.

The journal aims at publishing contributions in the field of aerospace sciences technologies and systems.
This includes disciplines in the area of mechanical sciences like flight mechanics, aerodynamics, propulsion, aerothermochemistry, structures and materials, astrodynamics as well as other disciplines such as telecommunication, navigation, control, electronics, informatics and all aspects related to ground testing and operations when applied to the aerospace field.

Contributions regarding the aeronautical or space vehicle as an engineering system are particularly welcome.

In addition to covering the basic disciplines here above recalled, submitted manuscripts should always address the aerospace missions and systems rather than strictly specialized topics more appropriate to a discipline-oriented journal. Paper dealing with overall exploitation and management of aerospace systems and on the impact of scientific applications on system design and operation, as an example in the fields of remote sensing, microgravity, geodesy, exploration and astrophysics, are encouraged too. Aerotecnica Missili e Spazio welcomes scientific contributions that provide a clear novelty in their field and assesses the quality of the papers by a strict peer review process under the supervision of the editor supported by an international editorial board of experts.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Aldo Frediani 


All the instructions to submit an article on the site: 

The journal will be published by Springer starting with January 2019.

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