Game of Drones 2019

Naples, Italy 6 - 11 May 2019

The Game of Drones event is a workshop about aerospace engineering, with special regards to the drones.

The 25 participants will prove both their soft and hard skills. The aim is to craft a rocket that should reach the highest altitude. The event program follows:

06/5 – 07/05 – Introduction to the event and  Basic drones theory lesson; the course will include aerodynamic, stability, systems and other analysis about mechanics of quadcopters;
08/06 – Presentation of Sponsors and choice of the components for the drones;
09/05 – 10/05 – Drones Crafting & Final Report; the teams will use the choices stuff to craft the drone, with the help of our Local Board members and other organizers. In the same time, the participants will elaborate a report to justify the selection of the components the day before.
11/05 – Drones Flight Test; the test will be supervised by a professional aeromodellist, following the ENAC standards

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